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Frequently Asked Questions

I'd like to get involved, how do I start?

Whether you're a collector, or a community member on Discord or Twitter, anyone can be a part of the RELICSxyz fam. Head to GET INVOLVED to learn more.

I just purchased a RELIC or IDOL. Now what?

Welcome to the fam! Our NEW OWNER GUIDE has you covered.

What is RELICSxyz, the company?

Music is essential to your virtual life. RELICSxyz provides complete copyright-licensed, visual songs and virtual music players for Metaverse worlds; in the form of RELICS and IDOLS in Web3, and UGC IDOLS in Web2 on Roblox. Our Metaverse-ready collectibles will make your virtual spaces come alive, and give your avatars a sonic style. Come find your Metaverse anthem.

What is a RELIC?

RELICS are playable visual music records. They are an audiovisual collectible in the form of ERC-721 non-fungible tokens. RELICS upgrade over time. This upgrade is a dynamic property that represents a song's performance in the real world. This is the equivalent of a “Platinum record” award, but in Web3. Currently you can purchase Season 1 of RELICS on the secondary market, with more seasons to be announced soon. RELICS can be played on IDOLS. RELICS can also be played on their own as a soundtrack within Web3, or, when not in “on mode” also act as unique pieces of art designed by some of the most celebrated artists in Web3.

What is an IDOL?

IDOLS are sound systems for the Metaverse. RELICS play on IDOLS, which is similar to a song playing on a record player or virtual iPod. Currently GENESIS IDOLS are available for purchase on the secondary market, with the IDOL II by Raf Grassetti being available for purchase in 2023, and more editions of the IDOL to be announced soon.

How can I stay up to date on everything RELICSxyz?

Read our blog and follow our socials below.

What Metaverses are you integrated with?

Currently, IDOLS can be added to Decentraland. When paired with IDOLS, RELICS can also be added to Decentraland to provide a soundtrack for your Metaverse life. We also have a selection of UGC IDOLS available in the Roblox Marketplace.

How do I integrate my IDOL into Decentraland?

Join our Discord & visit the #idol-files channel (you must verify your IDOL before you are able to view this page) to view a step-by-step guide. Currently, you are able to integrate GENESIS IDOLS, with the IDOL II by Raf Grassetti integration coming soon.

Do you plan to be involved with more Metaverses?

Yes, we have plans to become integrated with more Metaverses & games in the future! Stay tuned!

How are RELICS and IDOLS stored?

RELICS and IDOLS are both ERC-721 NFTs. The media files linked to the RELIC NFTs are stored both on Arweave (decentralized) and our centralized backend for ultimate security

What type of NFT is a RELIC?

ERC-721 on the Ethereum blockchain.

What type of NFT is an IDOL?

ERC-721 on the Ethereum blockchain.

What is dynamic rarity?

RELICS (songs) upgrade in rarity as the associated song's performance increases, which displays dynamically on each NFT. This upgrade is a dynamic property that represents a song's performance in the real world. This is the equivalent of a “Platinum record” award but in Web3

How can I buy a RELIC or IDOL?

RELICS and GENESIS IDOLS were initially minted in 2022, so they are now only available to purchase on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea. The IDOL II by Raf Grassetti will be available to mint for select collectors in 2023, with more editions to be announced soon.

How can I buy a Season 1 Ticket?

Season 1 Tickets can be used to redeem for a Season 1 RELIC. You can purchase Season 1 tickets on Nifty Gateway's secondary market and OpenSea which can be redeemed for RELICS on our website here. You can also just purchase a RELIC on the secondary market directly here.

What are IDOLS used for?

IDOLS are digital world-ready music players. IDOLS are Metaverse sound systems for virtual environments. IDOLS also act as unique pieces of art when not in “on mode”. Currently, IDOLS have the ability to be dragged and dropped into Metaverses like Decentraland, with more exciting integrations to be announced in the coming year.

What are RELICS used for?

RELICS are playable visual music records. When paired with our IDOLS, RELICS provide your soundtrack for your Metaverse adventures.

Will there be future RELICS and IDOL collections?

Yes. The IDOL II by Raf Grassetti will be available for mint in Winter 2023, with more editions of the IDOL coming very soon. We also plan to launch Season 2 of RELICS in the coming year. Stay tuned.

What is the difference between the GENESIS IDOL and the IDOL II by Raf Grassetti?

The GENESIS IDOL was the first ever IDOL. It will receive a free RELIC for each season of RELICS. It is our grail. The IDOL II is our follow-up IDOL and is designed by Raf Grassetti. Though the IDOL II doesn't include free RELICS, it is a revolutionary product designed by one of the greatest artists in the world. Outside of the free RELICS, both functionally work the same.

How can I buy a UGC IDOLS created by RELICSxyz in Roblox?

Coming soon

Will there be more UGC IDOLS available for purchase in the future?

  • Yes! It’s our hope to fill Roblox with many different versions of sonic style for your avatar. Stay tuned to our Twitter for updates on which games you’ll see us pop up in next.
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Whether you are a collector, a fan, or contributor (or all three), anyone can be a member of the RELICSxyz community.

Own a piece of the RELICSxyz ecosystem by collecting our NFTs or UGCs. Currently available collections include:

  • Roblox UGC IDOLS

You don't have to own a RELIC, IDOL or UGC IDOL to be a part of the RELICSxyz fam. Anyone can follow the story and engage with the community. Here is how to best experience:

  • Join the conversation on Discord.
  • Stay in touch by subscribing to and following our Twitter and Newsletter. If you're new, check out our Blog for a little RELICSxyz history.
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Things at RELICSxyz move quickly. If you need to catch up on all things RELICS here is the TL;DR of it.

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New Owner Guide

Here is the TL;DR on what you should do next: